Pecha Kucha 14. What a great night. Hope everyone had as good of a time as we did.  A special thank you to all who came out, spun records, MC’ed, volunteered, poured beer & wine, served up tasty food and generally made for a very cool night. Extra thanks to the Dock Street Theater for letting us do a ‘new thing’ in a very cool ‘old thing.’

To the 8 speakers of PKN14: Bravo [insert sound effects: Rousing Applause, Arsenio-Hall style arm circles and some Beatles-level screaming]

To watch this great 8 one more time, click on their name below to be taken to a video spectacular created by the stellar crew involved in the Computing in the Arts program at the College of Charleston. Shout-out’s to: Hunter Hegler , Dave Brown , Clay McCauley and Brooks Quinn.

Elizabeth Bowers – Greg Colleton

Brooks Reitz

Drew Harrison

Andrew Walker

Erin Perkins

Stacy Smallwood

Cyrus Buffum

Neil Stevenson

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